This is a blog, where I write whatever can’t be said in 140 characters.

Don’t steal my stuff. If you want to use it just ask, and it should be fine. If you think I’ve stolen your stuff let me know and I’ll fix it.

  1. Kingbot
    16 June, 2011 at 23:29

    No harm was meant by my top twip stealing. Never knew it would make someone so angry to go to the bother of 3 public attacks. They were just for the people in work to cheer them up as we haven’t been paid in a long time due to scary economics, who knew I got them from elsewhere. Why so angry that 150 or so people see my tweets. What did I ever do to you ?? There is enough anger in this world brother than to be getting it from a stranger on Twitter too.

    • 17 June, 2011 at 08:26

      It’s really no bother to write three tweets. Try it some time and you’ll see.
      But I can understand how, in these difficult – nay, scary – economic times, your co-workers might come to you in their hour of need and say “Erich, Erich, we haven’t eaten in days, we’re about to be thrown out on the street, please cheer us up with some funny tweets, preferably in the form of tips.”
      And you would say: “Can’t you just follow @TwopTwips or one of the many comedy writers producing original material on Twitter?”
      And they would reply: “No, Erich, no. They have to come from you. We don’t want to be reminded of the cruel cold world outside this building. And don’t just press the retweet button like you don’t care, make sure to delete all attribution and even change the occasional word so they sound more like you.”
      And you, as you look at their pleading, emaciated faces, would reply: “Ah, sweet children, how can I refuse you? Even though, as a sometime comedy writer myself, I would be extremely pissed off if someone stole my work and passed it off as their own. Let it be done.”
      And they would huddle together around the faint glow of an old iPhone, with each tweet bringing not just humour but hope, making them forget their troubles if only for a short while.
      I can’t take that away from them. Carry on, you prince among men.

  1. 18 January, 2013 at 13:50

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